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Our Vision

We build your investor relations and long-term partnerships in new markets.

Our Mission

We turn companies into brands worthy of investment. We establish them internationally in specific regions and markets. Leading information channels and content platforms in the respective industries are the basis of our customized content communication, events and marketing activities. Our goal is to satisfy the specific interest of the respective industry in order to gain the expected information necessary to build a specific investor network.

Our Strategy

We match capital and projects through our network and support growth. A typical project is facing a transition and stepping into a new market or growth stage - that's when we get involved. We usually build a financial environment with our network and partners in new regions and markets.

Our Target Industries

We are mainly focused on growth projects. Our clients and partners are located around the world. The companies can show a track record or proof of concept.

Our 6 Goals with You

Reasons for an International Approach.

Attracting the Attention of Investors

The Pull & Push Factor of Our Content

Criteria for Our Consultung Assignment

We are interested in building a strong and long-term relationship with our customers. For this reason, we focus on values such as confidentiality, trust and honesty. Mandates have goals and milestones from the very beginning.

Our Current Project Areas

  • Minerals (Gold, Silver, Lithium, Rare Earth, Silver, Tungsten, Uranium)
  • Finance (Blockchain, Payment Providers)
  • Health (Biotech, Cannabis)
  • Energy (Hydrogen, Solar, Oil & Gas)
  • Technology (Batteries, Metamaterials, Telecommunication)

More details are available upon request.

Our Events for You

The 'International Investment Forum' - ('IIF') is an online event that takes place four times a year. It provides information on investment trends and ideas from top managers from around the world, covering all aspects of different industries. Small-cap, mid-cap, value and retail investors as well as portfolio and fund managers, bankers, investment advisors, journalists and media representatives from around the world regularly attend the event.

Upcoming events:
1. Hydrogen Day - June 15, 2023
8th International Investment Forum - October 10, 2023
9th International Investment Forum - December 5, 2023

Previous events

Recorded presentations on previous events are available on the IIF-YouTube channel.

Your Partners

What is normal for the spider, is chaos for the fly. For that reason, we add clients and projects to our professional network - it's all about good relationships.
Mario Hose, CEO and founder

Our Statement

Interview with Mario Hose, CEO of Apaton Capital AG


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